Solid Edge Wood Products

"For the Love of Wood"

End Grain Boards

Solid Hickory End Grain

End Grain Board - Hickory

Hard to believe this is all one species of wood.  Mother nature is certainly intricate in her designs!

Mixed Species


Mixing different species can add lots of colour to the kitchen!

Live Edge - Walnut

End grain live edge charcuterie board

Solid walnut with an epoxy fill makes this durable end grain option a practical and attractive board that you can cut on and serve from.  

Light and Dark

End grain cutting board

The mating of contrasting woods (in this case black walnut and hickory) creates a simple, yet attractive workhorse of a cutting board.

Charcuterie Boards / Centre Pieces

Walnut with "LOVE"

Charcuterie Board

What was a simple live edge walnut charcuterie board becomes a statement with the addition of a custom picture.  Carved in the wood and then filled with epoxy, the picture will look great for the life of the board.

Lighter Coloured Wood

Charcuterie Board

Looking for a lighter wood to complement your table?  White ash or maple are great choices.  This particular white ash log was full of curly grain.  A spectacular way to contrast on a dark table!

Walnut with Crotch Grain

Charcuterie Board

Cut from the area where two branches grew, the grain is always eye catching in the crotch area.  

Walnut Epoxy Filled

Charcuterie Board

Filling the rotted out sections with epoxy and crushed glass turned this otherwise useless board into a food safe masterpiece.  

Food Safe Tray - Engraved

Charcuterie Board - Tray

It's a charcuterie board with handles engraved with the family name.  A very practical and personal gift!

Walnut for the Cottage

Charcuterie Board

This particular walnut piece featured more white sap wood than the brown heart wood.  Customized with the "Food Tastes Better at the Cottage" picture, it was perfect for the home away from home.

Charcuterie Board

How to Choose Which Board is Right for You

End Grain versus Face Grain

Looking for a board that will stand up to the daily demands of the family kitchen.... END GRAIN is probably your best option.


The harder end grain of the wood resists cuts and scratches while the orientation of the fibers help to preserve the cutting edge of your knife.  Regularly refreshing your board will help preserve the colour of the wood and keep your board looking its best.  (The oil causes a swelling effect of the grain which effectively heals the board - diminishing the appearance of any minor scratches that might be visible.) 


For serving foods or using as a table centre piece.... FACE GRAIN is very appropriate.

Designed to highlight the natural beauty and character of the wood grain, Face Grain Boards are a stylish addition to any home. When used as a cheese board, serving board or charcuterie tray, Face Grain Boards are perfect for adding a natural elegance to your next meal or event.  Regular cleaning and refreshing will help preserve the natural beauty of these boards. 

Caring for Your Board

Clean using a damp cloth.  Never immerse your board in water.  

To maintain the vibrant colours in your board, periodically carefully clean and then coat with either food grade mineral oil (available in your local pharmacy) or a beeswax paste.  (We do NOT recommend vegetable or olive oil as these oils will turn rancid over time.)  While how often you need to do this will depend on how much you use your board, refreshing at least every couple of months will ensure a great looking product for years to come.